//SteamWorld Quest Officially Revealed For Switch, A Turn-Based RPG In The SteamWorld Universe

SteamWorld Quest Officially Revealed For Switch, A Turn-Based RPG In The SteamWorld Universe

Revealed as part of today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights presentation, SteamWorld Quest has been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Image & Form – the studio behind SteamWorld Dig, SteamWorld Dig 2, and SteamWorld Heist – SteamWorld Quest is a brand new adventure in the much-loved universe from the previous games. Taking the series in a completely fresh direction, this game is a turn-based, roleplaying card game, where players must lead a party of aspiring heroes through the gorgeous hand-drawn world depicted in the new trailer above.

The focus here is on the game’s card battle system and deck building – you’ll be choosing from more than 100 unique ‘punch-cards’ to build a deck and take on whatever threat comes your way. SteamWorld Quest mixes the series’ familiar steampunk robots with the traditional treasure chests, gold, dragons, magic, knights in shining armour, XP, and the like often seen in RPGs. Here’s a selection of screenshots for you to admire.

Of course, back in December 2017, Image & Form actually asked fans which genre they’d like to see next from the series and RPG was the clear winner. It looks like your prayers have been answered.

A specific release date hasn’t been confirmed – Image & Form tells us that this will be revealed soon – but we do know that the game will launch first on Nintendo Switch. This is the first game from Image & Form to be published under its new joint-venture label Thunderful.

Are you a huge SteamWorld fan? Are you excited to see this new take on the series? Let us know if you’re thinking of picking this one up in the comments below.