//iFixits iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown investigates charging rumors

iFixits iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown investigates charging rumors

There’s additional Intrigue this time around, as insisted That was Trying to Gallaxy S10-ish Charging on its latest Telpehones, OOonly to Disablement the late in the process. unequivocally us That is not true, but is a peek anyway.

Upon Opening the device, They did a Second Batery That’s new, and didn’t Duplicating s of the “main” Charging Cabling in previous Telpehones. The Telpehone Still Wrk Without the Second Cabling Plug in, and Oughta Charge via Lightning but not wireLessly. It Oughta be an Revision to the 11’s Charging setup, or it Oughta be Thingies More — we don’t know for sure yet.

The is Still in process, and as is also keeping an eye on how EASY it will be for the DIY-minded to Performed Maintain on They own. Stay tuned for More Pictures and the Final results.

Update: The is and the Answer are Still…at inconclusive. did note, After Pulling up the Max Pro’s 3,969 mAh L-shaped Batery, That ‘s Supporting Documentor Indications new Batery hardware, Which Oughta also be a Reason for the Second Cabling. The OOonly Thingies we know for sure is That making That Batery cell JUST a Little er has a lot to do WITH the new Telpehone’s Abilities to Wrk for Even longer Between Charges.